Orlando Medical Marijuana Doctor Evaluations

How to Choose a Doctor:

Not all physicians can, or are willing to recommend medical cannabis for their patients. Our registration company has worked to find DEA certified physicians with the background knowledge, and expertise needed to perform Medical Marijuana Recommendations. The state has strict criteria for doctors who are willing to write Medical Marijuana Recommendations for patients. Your doctor must be an MD or DO, and DEA registered with no license restrictions or conditions. We pride ourselves in finding physicians who not only meet the state standards, but go above and beyond to provide unmatched follow-up care and medical resources to all of our patients. We want to provide you the best care possible and our doctors can help get your life back to where you want it to be. Make this process easy and let us take care of all your Medical Marijuana needs. When you see our doctor you must have a qualifying condition in order to receive a Medical Marijuana Recommendation. Medical documentation is helpful but not necessary if you are over the age of 21. The condition must be severe and/or debilitating in nature or else the doctor cannot recommend Medical Marijuana. The physician will need to know certain things about your condition, how long it has been present? How was it diagnosed? How does is affect your daily life? What brought your condition about? Please have either medical records that document the answer to these questions present at your appointment, or know your past medical history so you may give a concise and complete overview of your medical history. It is important that you have been seen by a medical professional for your condition at some point in your past. Your Medical Marijuana Doctor cannot diagnose your condition, but only evaluate it to determine whether Medical Marijuana is right for you. Once you see the doctor, our MMJ professionals will notarize your paperwork and will have your documentation ready to mail off to the state. Your MMJ license may take a while to be approved by the state. In the meantime, we can recommend dispensaries and caregivers that can take care of all of your Medical Marijuana needs. We only recommend state approved dispensaries that are discreet and professional. Dispensaries and medical professionals all over Florida recommend us as your one stop Medical Marijuana Doctor and Registration Company because of our unparalleled service and care for our patients. Our doctors look forward to helping you achieve the highest grade of health through cannabis therapy. We look forward to you becoming a part of the FLMMJ community! Let us help you take the steps to living a healthy life through the use of Medical Marijuana.